Daily Archives: March 6, 2016

Let’s not ignore what’s happening in Turkey

Yesterday, the Turkish government raided the Zaman newspaper, a paper that had originally supported Turkish President Erdogan. Why does the Random Spotter care about a situation that is so far away and doesn’t have any urgent connection to us? Well, I hate seeing oppression, no matter where it occurs. I’m convinced that well-reasoned criticism is necessary for good and accountable government, but there are too many places in the world right now where honesty will earn you time in jail, if not worse.

Turkey is supposed to be a secular, constitutional republic. That’s its legacy in Europe, and it’s been a shining example of religious and political tolerance in the region. But, the civil rights violations of President Erdogan’s regime are getting worse, and that’s dangerous to Turkish citizens and US interests alike.

So far, there’s not much outcry from the West or the world. Too bad. Oppression starts there, but you can bet it’s on its way here.