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Has much changed four years later for #BLM?

The RandomSpotter hasn’t blogged for nearly 4 years. Life got in the way. But, life has also moved on. So much has changed. Politics is uglier, pettier, and more divisive than ever. The economy has tanked. Our planet is in dire jeopardy from our own disregard for what ails it. And, we are threatened with death from a virus we can’t yet control. But, what has not changed much at all? The Black Lives Matter messages and methods.

In my #BLM post of July 2016, I made a case for a greater and larger Black Lives Matter agenda. I don’t think that agenda has materialized. We are still fixated on the issue of police abuse against the African American community while nearly ignoring the other ills that plague so many in our nation. I’m glad we are prosecuting criminal cops. They have no place in our justice system. I’m glad so many have spoken up. I’m also glad that some corporations have looked at their products, services, and brands, and made attempts to remove any negativity associated with them. But, I know in my heart that we will not cure the hopelessness and despair that exists in the darkest places of the black community by tearing down a statue or rebranding a box of flour. These problems are bigger than the movement seems to recognize.
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