About the Random Spotter

The Random Spotter is a consumer of news and information.  RS has observed that most sources seek to polarize issues in order to address them from a very clear, but entrenched, position.  Knowing that our lives are rarely this simple, RS feels cheated by media outlets of all kinds, and even bloggers whose approach is primarily based on opinion.  Random Spotter hopes to blog differently, even if that means the blogging will be infrequent.  When RS uncovers reliable stories that test conventional wisdom, you will likely see a blog post.  Opinion alone is a dangerous thing, and Random Spotter prefers to read and express research-based positions on the issues that are important to us.

The Random Spotter prefers to retain a certain anonymity.  Yes, RS is a wage slave, although not currently in a very public capacity.  Nonetheless, the Random Spotter knows how quickly unpopular views can become a liability when disseminated quickly online.  Those who know the Random Spotter would tell you that the views you’ll see expressed here will be neither radical nor deliberately contrarian, so don’t worry.  Just enjoy the musings of a self-labeled student of human behavior.

And, whether you agree or disagree, the Random Spotter encourages and welcomes your comments.


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