Daily Archives: March 3, 2016

Today, the only thing sadder than lingering racism is the damage caused by racial lies.

Random Spotter read today about the University of Albany students whose accusations of white racial bigotry on a university bus have instead spurred misdemeanor assault charges against the accusers. Their original claims are all but overshadowed by charges that the incident was fabricated or not a hate crime at all.

I would never consider myself an expert on racism or equality. But I was concerned about the damage that is done when overly zealous people misrepresent events to give voice to their complaints, no matter how authentic the cause. As an observer of human nature, I see how people feel when the truth is bent is such a manner, and it’s difficult not to turn away from the entire issue, even when examination is truly warranted. My only point here is that this is a factor that I recognize, and I wish African American leaders – who surely must also recognize this – would do a better job of encouraging truthful dialogue, free from inflammation and embellishment. Easy for me to say, I know.

Here’s the Random Spotter’s takeaway: If a cause is to be truly understood, it must be accepted as legitimate by those who don’t yet recognize its significance. Situations like the University of Albany case do the exact opposite and take this issue a step backward, if only for a short while. That’s the real shame of it.